Zespri kiwifruit: Final Shipments 2023

Zespri kiwifruit FINAL SHIPMENT

Zespri Kiwifruit 2023 Kiwifruit Season Wraps Up with Final Shipments”

In the concluding chapter of Zespri’s 2023 Zespri  kiwifruit season, the final voyages of this year’s harvest are underway. A substantial cargo of 782 tons of Zespri SunGold and 3,621 tons of Zespri Green kiwifruit has embarked on the Discovery Bay vessel, destined for Tokyo with an anticipated arrival in early October.

Following Tokyo, this shipment will continue its journey to Kobe, Japan, and onward to South Korea, as outlined in a recent news release.

Zespri’s Chief Operating Officer, Jason Te Brake, emphasized the collective industry effort that went into fulfilling orders for this year’s reduced crop volume, which was distributed to customers across more than 50 countries.

“New Zealand endured yet another challenging growing season, resulting in a significant decrease in yields due to unfavorable growing conditions,” Te Brake remarked in the press release.

Zespri Kiwifruit   the chartering of 51 vessels to transport this year’s kiwifruit harvest from New Zealand, including four ships bound for Northern Europe, eight heading to the Mediterranean, two destined for North America’s West Coast, and 37 en route to various Asian destinations. The remaining 2,540 tons of kiwifruit are also scheduled for delivery in the coming weeks, according to the release.

“Despite the lower yields, the industry’s focus on enhancing fruit quality has paid off, with this season’s fruit quality showing significant improvement over the previous year and approaching the standards set in 2021,” Te Brake added. “We have also implemented strong pricing strategies this season, resulting in high returns per tray compared to early season expectations.”

Compared to the 2022 season, Zespri is set to conclude approximately eight weeks ahead this year, a strategic move to avoid late-season quality issues that growers might face, as Te Brake continued.

Looking ahead to New Zealand’s 2024 season, Te Brake confirmed that preparations are already in progress, with expectations of a more substantial fruit yield to meet robust consumer demand. Zespri Kiwifruit

“The planning for the 2024 season is being spearheaded by the Industry Advisory Council, comprised of members from New Zealand Kiwifruit Growers Incorporated, post-harvest stakeholders, and Zespri’s senior leadership. As part of this initiative, we are evaluating necessary changes to further elevate quality and accommodate the anticipated higher volumes next season,” he explained.

Initial indications suggest that New Zealand can anticipate significant growth in both Zespri Green and Zespri SunGold kiwifruit in 2024, bouncing back from the challenges of the previous two seasons. Nevertheless, Te Brake cautioned that the industry remains susceptible to weather-related challenges. Zespri Kiwifruit Zespri Kiwifruit Zespri Kiwifruit

“Our primary focus is on optimizing the entire supply chain, from producing a high-quality product to ensuring its excellent condition upon reaching the market. Extracting maximum value at every stage of the journey is essential to benefit our growers and communities,” he emphasized.

In any case, the industry is eagerly anticipating a successful conclusion to the New Zealand season and the transition to Northern Hemisphere supply during the New Zealand off-season, Te Brake concluded.



  1. Final Shipments Underway: The article discusses the final shipments of Zespri’s 2023 kiwifruit season, which have set sail.
  2. Cargo Details: It mentions that 782 tons of Zespri SunGold and 3,621 tons of Zespri Green kiwifruit are part of these final shipments.
  3. Destination: The shipments are expected to reach Tokyo in early October and will then continue on to Kobe, Japan, and South Korea.
  4. Industry Effort: Zespri’s Chief Operating Officer, Jason Te Brake, highlights the significant industry effort required to deliver this year’s lower crop volume to customers in over 50 countries.
  5. Challenging Growing Season: The article notes that the kiwifruit industry faced challenges in New Zealand due to poor growing conditions, resulting in lower yields.
  6. Chartered Vessels: Zespri chartered a total of 51 vessels to transport this year’s kiwifruit, distributed across various regions, including Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, North America’s West Coast, and Asia.
  7. Quality Improvement: Despite lower yields, there has been a focus on improving fruit quality, which has shown significant improvement compared to the previous year.
  8. Pricing Strategy: The article mentions that strong pricing strategies have been implemented this season, resulting in higher returns per tray.
  9. Early Conclusion: Zespri is wrapping up the season approximately eight weeks ahead of the previous year, a strategic decision to avoid late-season quality issues for growers.
  10. Future Planning: The article concludes with information about planning for the 2024 kiwifruit season, with expectations of increased fruit yield and a focus on improving quality and the supply chain.

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