Tell Us About Your Pandemic Relationship Regrets

About two weeks ago, a woman who goes by the name Reesa Teesa created a 50-part series on TikTok to recount her whirlwind relationship saga with a man she began dating and quarantining with in March 2020. In the eight-hour epic, titled “Who TF Did I Marry?,” she referred to her ex-husband as a “pathological liar” and unpacked the many ways she claims he conned her.

Her videos, which have received more than 300 million views, elicited thousands of comments from viewers who were not only captivated by her storytelling skills, but also those who related to being in a pandemic relationship gone awry.

The uncertainty and isolation that defined much of the pandemic era caused many people to rush into relationships that they now regret. Perhaps your case isn’t as intense as Reesa Teesa’s tale of lies and deception, but you may have your own regrets from a hastily-formed relationship — from moving in too fast, having a pet together, opening a joint bank account, or getting married for health insurance.

As we approach the fourth anniversary of the Covid-19 pandemic, we want to hear about your relationship regrets from the pandemic.

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