Feeding the ‘demon inside’: Ex-employee tells how and why he stole $22 million from Jaguars

The Athletic

Feb. 2, 2023 began like any other morning for Amit Patel. He was sitting in his cubicle on the ground floor of EverBank Stadium, home to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Patel, a manager in the team’s financial department, was closing out the last cycle of expenses, as he did at the beginning of each month. When … Read more

Nepotism in sports broadcasting: ‘A tremendous advantage,’ but ‘what do you do with it?’

When Jac Collinsworth, at just 27 years old, debuted on the prestigious job as NBC’s play-by-play voice for Notre Dame football in September 2022, he succeeded one of the most decorated announcers in sports, Mike Tirico. To receive such a position suggested he was a sportscasting prodigy, but from his first game — when Marshall … Read more

NFL free-agency superlatives: The best and the most puzzling moves so far

We’ve completed four days of NFL free agency, and nearly 100 of my top 150 players have come off the board, in addition to dozens of other signings and a handful of trades. Here are my biggest takeaways from the first week of the new league year. Live updates: Free-agent news from across the NFLFA … Read more

Howe: A peek behind the scenes of the Kirk Cousins, Russell Wilson, Baker Mayfield deals

The three biggest names on the quarterback market were whisked off the board within 24 hours at the dawn of free agency, as Kirk Cousins, Baker Mayfield and Russell Wilson evaluated their markets and struck on their opportunities. Each had different priorities at unique stages of their careers. And as they quickly secured their next … Read more

Why are so many NFL safeties being cut? Will their market vanish like it did for RBs?

The Denver Broncos’ decision to release star safety Justin Simmons could easily be written off as collateral damage and a regrettable but necessary step toward recalibrating their salary cap. But digging deeper, a trend seems to be forming at Simmons’ position, as a group of safeties have flooded the free-agent market with teams seemingly prioritizing … Read more

Tired of being blamed for Lions’ shortcomings, Scott Mitchell sets the record straight

The Athletic

SALT LAKE CITY — Scott Mitchell sinks into the soft gray sectional at 1 a.m. Hey look, Barry Sanders is on television. It’s a promo for “Bye Bye Barry,” a documentary that debuted on Amazon Prime one hour earlier. Watching Sanders was always a thrill, even when he was a teammate. Sometimes Mitchell was criticized … Read more

NFL’s worst quarterback trades: Where does Broncos’ Russell Wilson deal rank?

The Denver Broncos’ announcement Monday that they would release Russell Wilson next week was an official admission of the disastrous decision they made in 2022 to trade for the former Super Bowl-winning quarterback. After giving up five draft picks and three players to acquire Wilson from the Seattle Seahawks, the Broncos awarded the quarterback a … Read more

NFL GMs, execs mock 2024 NFL Draft’s top 10 picks: Jayden Daniels over Drake Maye?

One year ago, NFL executives emerged from the scouting combine thinking the Chicago Bears were open to trading the first pick in the draft. They were right. This year, sentiment from NFL front offices holds that the Bears will use the top pick, acquired from the Carolina Panthers one year ago next week, on USC … Read more