New ESPN, Fox, WBD streaming venture won’t solve much — at least not yet

LAS VEGAS — One day, the brilliant TV executives are all going to unite and put their programming under one roof. It will solve all your sports viewing problems. They will call it cable. This new ESPN, Fox, Warner Bros. Discovery venture is not it. At least not yet. There is still significance to three … Read more

Inside the Raptors’ ‘Puzzlepalooza’: Trust, egos and trash-talk thanks to Wordle and more

The Athletic

HOUSTON — An issue of trust threatens to tear a small portion of the Toronto Raptors asunder. Accusations are flying. A neutral tribunal might be necessary. “I know I would be the first person that she would screw over,” Raptors centre Jakob Poeltl said late last week. “All my trust went out the window,” he … Read more

Hey NBA, Knicks’ Jalen Brunson is damn good and proving the naysayers wrong

The Athletic

After yet another disappointing, early-season loss, Jalen Brunson stood at his locker, ready to speak with the media in Milwaukee. As the point guard turned around, straight-faced as usual following the Knicks’ fourth defeat in six games, he donned a homemade T-shirt, all black and with white lettering on it, that appeared as if it … Read more

Cooper Flagg and the small New England town that raised basketball’s brightest young star

The Athletic

NEWPORT, Maine — In the calm moments — the few there are — snow slithers sideways across the northbound lanes of I-95. It’s almost graceful how the flurries snake right to left, passengers on every random gust of wind. Almost. But then the gusts become punches, pummeling and whipping the sides of this poor gray … Read more

Why Joel Embiid deserved better, and what his injury says about NBA’s 65-game rule

The Athletic

SAN FRANCISCO — Joel Embiid didn’t speak. Not with his words, anyway. The Philadelphia 76ers big man who had been ridiculed for three days after his latest disappearance, and whose MVP defense is in such early peril because of the league’s 65-game rule that is putting so much pressure on his sensitive situation, didn’t have … Read more

Thompson: LeBron James vs. Stephen Curry is still the NBA’s best theater

SAN FRANCISCO — The frustration seethed in Stephen Curry. Until it boiled to the surface. Until he let out a roar. Until he ripped his jersey from the collar to the 30. He’d scored 46 points on 35 shots, getting the benefit of just three free throws in his 43 minutes. He hit the game-tying … Read more

Ricky Rubio reflects on his NBA career and the dark days that occurred: ‘I was lost’

The Athletic

Growing up in Spain, Ricky Rubio had a decision to make. At just 10, he showed promise as an athlete and was asked to choose between basketball and soccer. “The real football,” he said. He was a good soccer player, and the popularity of the sport in his country compelled him to throw everything into … Read more

Why Kevin Durant’s game-winning shot sparked memories of Jordan for members of the ’89 Bulls

PHOENIX — The comparison surfaced not long after Kevin Durant finished off the Chicago Bulls on Monday. In the final seconds, the Phoenix Suns forward buried a double-pump, did-he-just-do-that jumper to give the Suns a 115-113 win. WATCHING ON REPLAY ALL NIGHT LONG! — Phoenix Suns (@Suns) January 23, 2024 If you thought Durant’s … Read more

Bucks hiring Doc Rivers as coach 1 day after firing Adrian Griffin: Sources

The Milwaukee Bucks are hiring longtime NBA coach Doc Rivers, league sources said Wednesday, one day after the team fired first-year coach Adrian Griffin. Rivers, 62, began serving as an informal consultant to Griffin in December at the behest of the Bucks. The team quickly moved to agree to a deal with Rivers after moving … Read more