Ryan Giggs and football: A very complicated relationship

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The celebration was almost as glorious as the goal itself. The fuzz of chest hair, the twirling shirt, the body swerve to evade the Manchester United fans who had run on the pitch in their euphoria. On Sunday, it is 25 years since Patrick Vieira, a genuine great of Arsenal’s midfield, played a wayward pass … Read more

Cristiano Ronaldo’s fragile ego is rather sad for someone who has achieved so much

A clip did the rounds on social media after the Carabao Cup final last weekend. We won’t share it here because the dum-dums responsible don’t need any more attention than they have already received, but it essentially involved some supposed Liverpool fans near the steps up to the Wembley Royal Box filming the defeated Chelsea … Read more

Brailsford’s story, part one: The rise of Mr Marginal Gains and the road to Manchester United

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If you work in the sports industry but have not been invited to one of Jimmy Worrall’s events, it’s a message: you haven’t made it yet. One of life’s great networkers, Worrall is the founder of Leaders In Sport, a conferencing and publishing business based in London but with a global outlook. Sir Dave Brailsford, … Read more

The public shouldn’t pay to rebuild Manchester United’s stadium for a billionaire

“I think if it’s a national stadium and is a catalyst for the regeneration of that part of southern Manchester… there has to be a conversation with the government.” While much of Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s round of media interviews on Wednesday, after his acquisition of 27.7 per cent of Manchester United was finally confirmed, may … Read more

Sir Jim Ratcliffe on Manchester United, Old Trafford, Sheikh Jassim and Mason Greenwood: Full transcript

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On Tuesday evening, Sir Jim Ratcliffe and INEOS completed their purchase of a minority stake in Manchester United, as the British billionaire acquired a 27.7 per cent stake in the Premier League club in a deal worth over $1.3bn. On Wednesday, Ratcliffe spoke to the written media for the first time about his decision to … Read more

‘His legs have gone’: Unpicking the four words no footballer wants to hear

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Last season, it was a Brazilian midfielder at Liverpool. This season, it’s been his international team-mate at Manchester United. “I think Casemiro’s legs have gone,” Jamie Carragher told the Covering Liverpool podcast in October. “I noticed it last season at Anfield and I didn’t like what I saw. It took me back to watching Fabinho … Read more

Fake Man United news: Tracking down the people making thousands out of fictitious stories

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Did you know Manchester United have agreements in place to sign superstars Kylian Mbappe and Vinicius Junior? Or that Sir Jim Ratcliffe, the man investing millions into the club, sensationally plans to bring Mason Greenwood back into the fold? No? Well, that is because these stories are, in fact, complete nonsense. But that has not … Read more