Caitlin Clark’s green-light range made her the gold standard in women’s college basketball

IOWA CITY, Iowa — It’s impossible to pinpoint the exact moment when it was determined in Iowa that any shot that left Caitlin Clark’s hands was not just a reasonable shot, but also a good shot. Because there are green lights, and then there are green lights. And Clark has matter-of-factly operated in the latter … Read more

Inside the Raptors’ ‘Puzzlepalooza’: Trust, egos and trash-talk thanks to Wordle and more

The Athletic

HOUSTON — An issue of trust threatens to tear a small portion of the Toronto Raptors asunder. Accusations are flying. A neutral tribunal might be necessary. “I know I would be the first person that she would screw over,” Raptors centre Jakob Poeltl said late last week. “All my trust went out the window,” he … Read more

Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl would be a ‘gift from the gods’ for CBS’ broadcast

Fred Gaudelli has been the lead producer of the Super Bowl television broadcast on seven different occasions. If you are into Roman numerals, Gaudelli has produced Super Bowls XXXVII, XL, XLIII, XLVI, XLIX, LII, and LVI. He has been in the production truck for some of the most exciting NFL title games in history, including … Read more

How the PWHL’s youngest player is adjusting to a new league — and a new language

The Athletic

OTTAWA — Nearly 6,000 miles away from her hometown in Hokkaido, Japan, Akane Shiga was being asked about the weather. Mike Hirshfeld, general manager of Ottawa’s PWHL team, was sitting with Shiga and coach Carla MacLeod in the team office at TD Place Arena, speaking to the 22-year-old forward and Japanese national team member through … Read more

The men who practice against Caitlin Clark can’t stop her either

The Athletic

It’s a little after 11 a.m. on an unnervingly cold December day, and Isaac Prewitt exhales. Hands on hips, cheeks puffed out, the whole deal. His morning had been relatively easy for a while: Play dummy defense against pick-and-rolls; needle his friend about an incoming shipment of Gatorade Fit drinks; run some zone offense. A … Read more

How could Taylor Swift get to the Super Bowl from her Eras Tour? Here are possible routes

Taylor Swift has already logged plenty of miles traveling the world on her record-breaking Eras Tour, and she could soon add over 5,500 more on a one-way trip. That’s assuming the pop star makes the journey from the stage in Tokyo, where she’ll be performing on Feb. 10, to Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas to … Read more

Total Eclipse of the Park: The Guardians’ home opener coincides with a rare solar eclipse

The Athletic

CLEVELAND — Befuddled birds will start chirping. Drivers trapped in a boundless traffic snarl will halt their honking. The temperature will plunge. Sluggers swatting batting practice tosses at Progressive Field will pause for a cosmic intermission. At 3:13 p.m. ET on April 8, the springtime sky above downtown Cleveland will host a total solar eclipse, … Read more

‘Don’t move … improve’: Can L.A.’s newest star revive a storied women’s basketball program?

The Athletic

LOS ANGELES — JuJu Watkins’ hands didn’t feel quite right. They were tingling in a way that seemed unnatural, and when she looked down at them, though they were physically there (all 10 fingers — check; perfectly manicured nails — check) they didn’t feel like her hands. Not the hands that made her the No. … Read more

Why white home uniforms — once an NBA mainstay — have disappeared

Every August, after the NBA releases its schedule for the upcoming season, Michael McCullough, the Miami Heat’s chief marketing officer, thinks about the next 82 games. He not only considers ticket sales and promotions but also sets a meeting with the team’s equipment manager and focuses on an essential part of his job: uniforms. Laying … Read more

Stanford coach Tara VanDerveer’s historic milestone deserves historic honor

PALO ALTO, Calif. — The packed house at Maples Pavilion didn’t wait for the final horn to begin the serenade of Tara VanDerveer. As freshman forward Nunu Agara dribbled into the frontcourt, and Oregon State coach Scott Rueck gestured to his Beavers not to foul, what was inevitable was becoming official. The crowd rose to … Read more