Ryan Giggs and football: A very complicated relationship

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The celebration was almost as glorious as the goal itself. The fuzz of chest hair, the twirling shirt, the body swerve to evade the Manchester United fans who had run on the pitch in their euphoria. On Sunday, it is 25 years since Patrick Vieira, a genuine great of Arsenal’s midfield, played a wayward pass … Read more

Louisiana Gov. says athletes should ‘risk their athletic scholarship’ if absent for national anthem after LSU-Iowa

The 2023 championship rematch between Iowa and LSU in this year’s Elite Eight was a scintillating production that stockpiled praise from celebrities, athletes and fans alike, while shattering the record for the most-watched women’s college basketball game ever. But Louisiana Gov. Jeff Landry was unimpressed before a basketball even bounced Monday after LSU was not … Read more

Do big sporting wins cause an increase in birth rates among fans?

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Follow live coverage of Arsenal vs Luton in the Premier League today Football arguably doesn’t need anything extra to feed its collective sense of self-importance, but the idea that it can cause new life to be created will certainly do it. You might remember a rather dramatic game in the National League towards the end … Read more

Inside the ‘very predatory’ world of illegal betting that lured Shohei Ohtani’s interpreter

In the story Shohei Ohtani’s interpreter Ippei Mizuhara initially told to ESPN, the two men logged into Ohtani’s bank account together on eight or nine occasions in 2023 and wired increments of $500,000 to Mathew Bowyer, an alleged illegal bookmaker under federal investigation. In the story Ohtani told the public days after Mizuhara recanted his initial … Read more

What do March Madness stars listen to before tip-off? 13 players and coaches share their mixtapes

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As college basketball players head to NCAA Tournament arenas on their team buses, many will slip on headphones, zone out to a song and absorb the vibes. Coaches also sometimes take a small moment from poring over last-minute scouting reports to escape to a melody filtering through their airpods. These soundtracks, perhaps subconsciously, serve an … Read more

Why March Madness stands alone as the event that brings us together

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You can find more of The Athletic’s coverage of the men’s NCAA Tournament here and women’s NCAA Tournament here. Follow live coverage of the 2024 men’s NCAA Tournament first round On Wednesday, I boarded a flight from San Francisco to Las Vegas for the explicit purpose of watching college basketball. Not to attend an actual … Read more

Jamie Cassidy – the Liverpool prodigy who became a cocaine conspirator

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He appeared in the dock at Manchester Crown Court like a familiar-looking stranger, a vivid memory from a distant past. Jamie Cassidy had once been one of the most promising young footballers at Liverpool, England’s most successful club, a player deemed good enough to train with his national team ahead of the 1996 European Championship. … Read more

Feeding the ‘demon inside’: Ex-employee tells how and why he stole $22 million from Jaguars

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Feb. 2, 2023 began like any other morning for Amit Patel. He was sitting in his cubicle on the ground floor of EverBank Stadium, home to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Patel, a manager in the team’s financial department, was closing out the last cycle of expenses, as he did at the beginning of each month. When … Read more

Why March Madness belongs to the women: Star players, big ratings make it tourney to watch

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There’s always a sign. Last spring, I first noticed something special was happening when I couldn’t walk half a block in Dallas without running into large packs of Iowa or South Carolina fans. There were also my guy friends back home who, for the first time, were planning their weekend around the women’s NCAA Tournament … Read more