A Romance Furthered by After-Hours Strolls Through the Met

Pavol Roskovensky eagerly gave Claire Anderson-Wheeler the inside scoop on the Temple of Dendur, pointing out centuries-old graffiti, like “Leonardo 1820,” on its gate and walls as they strolled through the Metropolitan Museum of Art after-hours. She also got an intimate look at her favorite Monet, Bonnard and Van Gogh paintings in the Impressionist collection. … Read more

Married in the Spotlight on a Broadway Stage

In their first year together, they met each other’s families. In September 2016, Mr. D’Angelo took Mr. Mach on an “Italian extravaganza experience,” including his hometown Palermo, Milan, Rome, and Panarea, one of the Aeolian Islands, north of Sicily. As they took in the view of the sunset over Stromboli, a volcano that frequently puffs … Read more

Tiny Love Stories: ‘My First Post-Divorce Christmas’

He’ll Be Home for Christmas! “I’ll drive; it’s 20 hours and I’ll be there for Christmas dinner,” my husband, Edwin, said, undeterred after a Canadian snowstorm grounded all flights. Imagining a fatality replacing our festivities, I insisted he come by train. Hours in, Edwin’s locomotive halted, its tracks blocked by debris. Eighteen hours of standstill … Read more

Seeing Double With the Publishing Twins

One afternoon in August 2020, while staying at her parents’ house in the Hudson Valley, Jean Garnett, an editor at Little, Brown & Company, prepared to meet remotely with the author Chantal V. Johnson, whose novel “Post-traumatic” she wanted to acquire for publication. She had to find a private place to take the call, not … Read more

Beef Tartare With Celery-Root Chips

new video loaded: Beef Tartare With Celery-Root Chips transcript Back transcript Beef Tartare With Celery-Root Chips Nury serves this classic steak tartare on celery-root chips. This bite includes one of my favorite preparations — steak tartare. In this case, we’re going to use wagyu tenderloin. We’ll use some pepper, salt, chive, raw egg yolks, mustard, … Read more

Grilled Cheese Wedges With Tomato Jam

new video loaded: Grilled Cheese Wedges With Tomato Jam transcript Back transcript Grilled Cheese Wedges With Tomato Jam Nury uses three different kinds of cheese for depth of flavor in these mini sandwiches. For your grilled cheese, we use sourdough. We’re going to blend three cheeses — Comté for flavor, Fontina for creaminess, some dry … Read more