‘How I Met Your Mother’ Star Josh Radnor Gets Married in a Winter Storm

Josh Radnor and Jordana Jacobs were married outdoors this month, amid a snowstorm, with their 164 snow-drenched guests shivering in the 20-degree evening air, as Dr. Jacobs read a 10-minute monologue about her beloved, and Mr. Radnor responded with a 10-minute soliloquy. No strangers to extraordinary circumstances, the couple fell for each other while tripping … Read more

How Allegations of an Office Romance Came to Complicate the Case Against Trump

Fani T. Willis ran for district attorney in Georgia’s Fulton County in 2020 with the slogan “Integrity matters!” and frequently pummeled the incumbent, her former boss, with accusations of ethical lapses. Soon after her victory, she set up a group to interview job candidates called the Integrity Transition Hiring Committee. One of its members was … Read more