Living on the Edge in California

Few places are as enjoyable as the headlands in Dana Point, where ocean waves lap rhythmically at the coastline and, on a clear day, the outline of Santa Catalina Island emerges from the Pacific Ocean, the silhouette of a bold sentry in the distance. I walked the headlands trail last week, not only to soak … Read more

2024 NFL free agency rankings: Brian Burns, Saquon Barkley, Kirk Cousins lead top 150

The Athletic

NFL free agency is fast approaching, offering the first window for teams to improve this offseason, provided they sign the right players. These are my rankings and scouting reports of the top 150 free agents available, shaped by a ton of film work and perspective from many years leading NFL personnel departments. This might not … Read more

‘His legs have gone’: Unpicking the four words no footballer wants to hear

The Athletic

Last season, it was a Brazilian midfielder at Liverpool. This season, it’s been his international team-mate at Manchester United. “I think Casemiro’s legs have gone,” Jamie Carragher told the Covering Liverpool podcast in October. “I noticed it last season at Anfield and I didn’t like what I saw. It took me back to watching Fabinho … Read more

At UN Court Hearing, South Africa Says Palestinians Endure ‘More Extreme Form of Apartheid’

South Africa said Tuesday that Israel’s policies toward Palestinians were “a more extreme form of apartheid,” invoking its charged history of racial discrimination to add to global pressure on Israel at the International Court of Justice in The Hague. The court, the United Nations’ highest judicial body, is hearing six days of arguments over Israel’s … Read more

U.S. Prepares UN Resolution Supporting Temporary Cease-Fire: Israel-Hamas War Live Updates

Within weeks of President Biden imposing financial sanctions on Israelis accused of violent assaults in the occupied West Bank, crowdfunding campaigns on behalf of two of the men had collected the equivalent of more than $170,000. Far-right Israelis pledged the funds in a show of support for the settlers, whose efforts to exert Israeli control … Read more