Judge Upholds Biden Program Giving Some Immigrants Short-Term Legal Status

A federal judge on Friday allowed the Biden administration to continue a program that it has used to give temporary legal status to hundreds of thousands of citizens of Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela. Known as humanitarian parole, the program has offered people from the troubled countries an alternative to entering the United States illegally, … Read more

Workers at Microsoft-Owned Activision Vote to Unionize

About 600 workers at Activision Publishing, the video game maker owned by Microsoft, are unionizing, forming the largest video game workers’ union in the United States, the Communications Workers of America said on Friday. Microsoft recognized the union after the vote count was finalized. The employees work in quality assurance, testing Activision’s games for bugs, … Read more

Hot Mic: Biden Says He Told Netanyahu They Are Nearing a ‘Come-to-Jesus Meeting’

President Biden said on Thursday that he and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel were headed toward a “come-to-Jesus meeting” over the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, according to an audio clip of the president’s remarks posted on social media on Friday. Mr. Biden’s comment highlights the rising tensions between him and Mr. Netanyuhu in recent … Read more

Providing Both Bombs and Food, Biden Puts Himself in the Middle of Gaza’s War

From the skies over Gaza these days fall American bombs and American food pallets, delivering death and life at the same time and illustrating President Biden’s elusive effort to find balance in an unbalanced Middle East war. The president’s decision to authorize airdrops and the construction of a temporary port to deliver desperately needed humanitarian … Read more