Sweden and Canada to Restart Payments to U.N. Agency for Palestinians

Canada and Sweden are resuming funding for the main United Nations agency supporting Palestinian refugees in Gaza, citing the spiraling humanitarian catastrophe there and saying that the agency had taken steps to improve accountability amid accusations that some of its employees had links to Hamas. The countries were among more than a dozen that suspended … Read more

What Would Paying Student Athletes Look Like?

“Unions are tricky for college sports,” Jay Bilas, the ESPN college basketball analyst, said over the phone the other day, “because you’ve got public and private institutions and different state laws.” “It’s not impossible to have a union of college athletes,” he said, “but it would be difficult.” Bilas, who is a vocal critic of … Read more

Two Novels About Social Withdrawal

Dear readers, Recently, a lovely and well-meaning friend texted me one of those trending articles that make you want to trade your smartphone for an abacus and never speak of the internet again. The gist of the piece was that in order to survive in a terminally online world, people hoping to advance in their … Read more