Millions of Slime Licker Rolling Candies Recalled After Child Dies

More than 70 million rolling candies made by two companies were recalled on Thursday, six months after a 7-year-old girl in New York choked to death.

The recalls were announced on Thursday by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and cover 70 million units of Slime Licker Sour Rolling Liquid Candy, from the Indiana-based company Candy Dynamics, and roughly 145,800 units of Rolling Candy made in various flavors by Cocco Candy, a Turkish company, and distributed by KGR Distribution Corporation of Passaic, N.J.

The recalled products dispense flavored liquid from a tube through a rolling ball, which can become dislodged and stuck in a consumer’s throat, the commission said. The C.P.S.C. asked people to keep the candies away from children and contact the manufacturers for a refund.

The Cocco Candy product, which was involved in the child’s choking death in New York, was sold in two-ounce containers at stores across the United States and on KGR’s website from May 2022 to March of this year, the commission said.

The candy was sold in sour strawberry, sour tutti-frutti and sour cola flavors. A list of affected product codes can be found on the commission’s website.

The recalled Candy Dynamics product came in two- or three-ounce bottles inside blue, red, green or pink packaging labeled “TOXIC WASTE” or “MEGA TOXIC WASTE” and was sold at nationwide retailers, including Walmart and Five Below, as well as online from June 2015 through July 2023, the commission said. The recalled flavors are blue razz, strawberry, black cherry and sour apple. The affected product codes can be found on the recall notice posted on the commission’s website.

Candy Dynamics had received two reports that the product’s rolling ball had become detached, but no reports of injuries, the C.P.S.C. said.

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