The kindergarten teacher modeling lingerie, which led to her 1 suspension.


kindergarten teacher
Group Of Elementary Age Children In Art Class With Teacher

kindergarten teacher

A kindergarten class in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, has been rocked by controversy after images of a 29-year-old substitute teacher modeling lingerie were discovered by one of the parents.


 Anastasia Krasilnikova was suspended after a parent discovered her side gig. She was supplementing her income as a “model who posts pictures in provocative lingerie” previous to her parent discovering her after-hours activities.


When the images were discovered, some parents – let’s be honest, some moms – contacted her bosses and demanded that she be fired. She will remain suspended until the inquiry into the incident is completed.

The outraged mothers who are pushing for Anastasia’s dismissal argue that her modeling work demonstrates a “complete disregard for her role, responsibilities, and moral image.”

They further argue that the teacher posing in lingerie for photos is “unbecoming conduct” for someone in her position.

The Kindergarten Teacher Who Models Lingerie Does Have Some Supporters


Despite the criticism, Anastasia has some admirers. Those who do not believe that what she does outside of the classroom has any bearing on what happens in the classroom.


“She can do whatever she wants after work hours, as long as it doesn’t affect the children’s well-being,” a single mother named Olga said of the dispute. Allow her to be.”


“Her personal life is her own business,” another sympathetic mother stated. What matters at work is her effectiveness, as long as her personal life does not conflict with kindergarten hours.”


Anastasia Krasilnikova isn’t bothered by the back-and-forth. She’s not sweating it or giving it any more consideration. She is eager to return to work.

The back-and-forth isn’t getting to Anastasia Krasilnikova. She’s not fretting it or giving it much attention. She’s eager to get back to work.


She said, “I won’t waste energy on comments. I’ll return to work on Monday, and we’ll see what happens.”

kindergarten teacher


kindergarten teacher



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