Frasier Happy 30th anniversary! 30 greatest ‘Frasier’ episodes, ranked worst to best Today


“Frasier” debuted on NBC 30 years ago today (September 16, 1993)

“Frasier” debuted on NBC 30 years ago today (September 16, 1993) as the offspring of “Cheers,” where Kelsey Grammer created his renowned Frasier Crane character. It would go on to become the most decorated situation comedy in television history, collecting 107 Emmy nominations and winning a record 37 of them.


Grammer and the actor who played his brother Niles Crane, David Hyde Pierce, both received four nominations. It also resulted in the series winning Best Comedy Series for five consecutive years (1994–1998), a record that was later surpassed by “Modern Family.”

30 years ago today

outperformed its predecessor in terms of Emmys, with “Cheers” receiving only 28 nominations. In almost every way, the program ranks towards the top of the list of the greatest sitcoms of all time. “Frasier” was outrageously, constantly entertaining throughout its 11 seasons and 264 episodes,


containing some of the sharpest and wittiest writing in the medium’s history. And, as anyone who binge-watched “Frasier” during the epidemic (or subsequently) can attest, the program has held up quite well in the nearly two decades since it was removed from first-run television in 2004.


Editor’s note: All of the series and episode discussion on this page will focus on the classic “Frasier” rather than this year’s series revival starring Grammer, which begins on Paramount+ on October 12.


follows the escapades of two snobbish brothers, Dr. Frasier Crane (Grammer) and Dr. Niles Crane (Pierce), who live and work in Seattle.


Frasier hosts a reasonably popular call-in radio advice show, and they’re both psychiatrists. They frequently engage with Martin (John Mahoney), Frasier’s radio producer Roz (Peri Gilpin), and his housekeeper.


Jane Leeves plays Daphne Moon. The brothers personify social friction and snobbery, sniping at one another with relish. In fact, the entire cast is excellent,


but Pierce is a revelation. Pierce is obviously the show’s MVP (Most Valuable Performer), as it’s difficult to envision “Frasier” achieving the same level of popularity without him. The Grammer-Pierce chemistry is a sight to behold.


is right up there with the most successful TV series spinoffs, along with “Laverne and Shirley” (a spinoff of “Happy Days”) and “The Simpsons” (a spinoff of “The Tracey Ullman Show”).



We might also include “Better Call Saul” (a spinoff of “Breaking Bad”) on the list.
As we celebrate “Frasier’s” 30th anniversary, take a look at our photo gallery above for the 30 best “Frasier” episodes.

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