U.S. Fears Russia Might Put a Nuclear Weapon in Space

When Russia conducted a series of secret military satellite launches around the time of its invasion of Ukraine in early 2022, American intelligence officials began delving into the mystery of what, exactly, the Russians were doing. Later, spy agencies discovered Russia was working on a new kind of space-based weapon that could threaten the thousands … Read more

Biden Administration Blames Congress for Fall of Ukrainian City

The Biden administration said Saturday that the Ukrainian military withdrawal from Avdiivka was the result of Congress failing to provide additional money to support Kyiv’s war effort. Ukraine ordered the withdrawal from the eastern city of Avdiivka before dawn on Saturday, the country’s first major battlefield loss since the fall of Bakhmut last year. “This … Read more

Michigan’s G.O.P. Nominating Process Appears Headed For Chaos

As early in-person voting began on Saturday in Michigan, a fight for control of the G.O.P. in the crucial battleground state plunged Republicans there deeper into a political maelstrom, with rival factions potentially barreling toward hosting dueling nominating conventions. As if things weren’t already confusing. In a little over a week, the state will host … Read more

Some Authors Were Left Out of Awards Held in China. Leaked Emails Show Why.

The Hugo Awards, a major literary prize for science fiction, have been engulfed in controversy over revelations that some writers may have been excluded based on their perceived criticism of China or the Chinese government. Suspicions in the science fiction community have been building for weeks that something was amiss with last year’s awards, which … Read more

A Love Story That Endured Through Slavery

[This article is also a weekly newsletter. Sign up for Race/Related here.] The enslaved children were sold and shipped from Virginia to Louisiana with their families in the 1830s, far from the world they knew and the people they loved. Her name was Eliza Randolph. His was Miles Green. They sailed at different times and … Read more

AME Church Leaders Call for End of U.S. Aid to Israel

Leaders of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, one of the country’s oldest and most prominent Black Christian denominations, called this week for the United States to end its financial aid to Israel, saying the monthslong military campaign in Gaza amounted to “mass genocide.” The statement was issued by the church’s Council of Bishops, its executive … Read more