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Fretta Series

Fretta, derived from the Italian phrase “Fresco Frutta,” was created to offer people fresh juice experience, promoting health,convenience in their lives.

Recognizing that many juicers require extensive preparation time before juicing, Fretta addresses the needs of busy individuals who can’t enjoy juice freely. With a designed wide feed chute, Fretta allows for the direct addition of large pieces of fruits or vege,reduce prep time.

Slow Masticating juicer

Cold press juicer,BPA-Free

What sets us apart?

Our 3-inch large feed chute reduces preparation time by allowing direct addition of fruits and vege.(Tips:If possible, we recommend removing the peel and seeds to ensure a smoother texture.)

What sets our products apart?

At Fretta, we use premium materials and closely monitor manufacturing to ensure top quality. Thorough inspections are conducted before shipment.

Cold Press Juicing Benefits

Cold press juicing preserves nutrients, maximizes juice yield, and improves digestibility. Enjoy nutrient-rich juice with higher yield and better absorption.

【Improved Health with BPA-Free Material】At Fretta, we place great importance on your well-being. That’s why our juicers are made with Tritan material, guaranteeing a BPA-free juicing experience that is safe and promotes good health for you and your family.
【Optimal Juice Extraction & Reduced Waste】Fretta’s advanced low-speed cold press technology allows the juicer machines to extract the maximum amount of juice from fruits and vegetables. Operating at a gentle 80 RPM, it efficiently squeezes the produce, minimizing foam and preventing clogs, ultimately maximizing your juice yield. Bid farewell to wastage as you make the most out of your ingredients!
【Elevated Nutritional Benefits & Delightful Flavor】The cold press juicer employs low-speed cold press technology, delicately extracting juice while preserving essential nutrients. Unlike high-speed shredding and spinning techniques, this process minimizes oxidation and extends the freshness of your juice. Prepare to relish each and every sip, enjoying the enhanced nutritional value and exquisite flavor of your freshly pressed juice!
【 Powerful yet Quiet DC Motor】Fretta’s masticating juicer machines are powered by a robust 200W DC Motor. Its high-torque, low-speed design operates quietly at low RPM, extracting deep nutrition from your favorite fruits and veggies. Enjoy a peaceful juicing experience with noise levels below 75 decibels.
【Safer Y-shaped Design】:The feed chute of Fretta juicers features a secure Y-shaped design, specifically engineered to prevent accidental hand insertion and minimize the risk of potential hand injuries.
【Dual Feed Chute Design】Fretta slow juicer is equipped with a convenient dual feed chute design. This allows you to simultaneously add multiple ingredients, saving you time and effort in the juicing process. Additionally, the pusher is designed to allow continuous feeding without the need to remove it, further streamlining the juicing.

Magic Bullet Mini Juicer with Cup, Black and Silver

A roomy 2-inch feed chute fits larger chunks of your favorite ingredients. Translation: less chopping, more juicing.
We keep it tidy with top-rack dishwasher-safe attachments and a silicone spout cap that catches drips before they hit your countertop.
Juice directly into our 16-oz cup, which comes with a twist-on to-go lid for spill-free sipping and portability.
This juicer takes up way less space than standard models, making it a breeze to keep on the countertop or tuck away for later.
Includes 1 year limited warranty.
NOTE: Refer to User Manual before use
Product built to North American & Canadian Electrical Standards