Baked Tilapia, Simply Seasoned With Lemon and Pepper

You need recipe basics the same way you need wardrobe basics: the pair of jeans or white shirt that you can easily throw on, items that mix and match with other things or stand alone. The baked fish below from Ali Slagle is just that, a streamlined dish that’s simple to make and goes with just about any seasoning or side. (The other four recipes are just downright delicious.)

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Tilapia is great for picky eaters because it’s mildly flavored and sweet — not fishy at all. But it comes with sustainability concerns, depending on where it’s farmed, so I check sources like Seafood Watch to make sure I’m buying fish I’m comfortable with.

The name “tostadas” refers to both the dish and the fried-to-a-crunch tortilla it’s assembled on. Made with chorizo and beans, this version from Rick Martínez is an excellent dinner, and a fast one if you buy the tostada base instead of making it yourself.

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Nothing says “weeknight” as efficiently or delectably as stir-fry. This recipe comes from Lan Hing Riggin, a home cook from Virginia who grew up in Hong Kong. It practically dances on your tongue, thanks to the fresh, bright zip of all that ginger.

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